management systems

Consulting for implementation of Quality Management Systems for:

• ISO9001 in all industries

• Aerospace (AS9100, JAR21POA/DOA, JAR145)

• Railway (IRIS Scope 01, 02, 03, 07, 17 and 18)

• Automotive (VDA 6.1)

    The service could be include:

• Evaluate of the actual situation (Audit)

• Scheduling of the project

• Moderation of start workshops

• Training and consulting for holder of key functions in the system (Management Board, process owners, internal Auditors)

• Preparation of documents

• Moderation of process modeling

• Perform internal Audits

• Scouting during the assessment Audit

Process Ratios
  „If you cannot measure it, you cannot control it"
  A functional and adequate key number system is the key for success. Like in a cockpit the key numbers supply the basics for all decisions.
  Significant numbers exists in nearly each Organisation. With experience and neutrality it become possible to find them, to editing them and to depict them in a transparency way.
    Improvement happens, but to get continuity great efforts and changes are sometimes necessary.
    No management process is as sensibly and as important for the long turn success of the organisation like this process.
  Internal Audit
  "learning by doing" -
  "Scouting" for your internal Auditors. So it become possible to get a mutual trust between Auditor and Employees. The internal Audits become more acceptance.
During an open conversation a lot of problems came out and it become possible to find a better way.
Software tools
  During my long experience as a Quality Manager I’ve learned to create tables (MS-Excel) with macros and to use them selective.
  Supplier rating, CI-Monitoring and others become possible in a cheap and simple way.