Design and Production FMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis) is a basic requirement in the automobile and aircraft industries today.
  But also in other branches the adoption of FMEA causes cost reduction and a secure schedule
    Quality Management knows ten different tools which can be used to find the reason of a specific output.
    Reasons of favourable outputs are rarely searched on the one hand and on the other hand made reproducible.
    An essential contribution to a continuous improvement process can be made by systematic training of the functionaries.
  Plus/Minus Analysis
    Strengths and weaknesses become transparent through systematic monitoring and benchmarking.
  Weaknesses are becoming aware of by unfolding them. Then the reasons will be analyzed and deleted within a team.
Systematical Troubleshooting
  Hurray! We have a problem!
  Problems show that the organisation has weaknesses. The earlier these are noticed the more economic is the solution. Every dissolved problem leads to a gain in experience.
  As I am a neutral person who has an aedequate training and basic knowledge it is possible for me to change apparent weaknesses into strengths for the future together with the staff members.